(106) Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian -- 07/06/2000

It's a series of sonic trips that space music fans could love, with atmospheric washes and ethereal fades, occasionally punctuated by temple bells and gongs. But even in the drifting sensations of the longest pieces, such as the opening "Asunder" (11:46), "Left On" (10:20), "Nothing to Teach" (9:48), and "Driving to Iceland" (12:46), or the evocatively titled "Oceans Once Deserts," there's a sense that three canny minds are in full command. And few New Age musicians would cut loose with the kind of rattling, pounding, scratching, and free-form outbursts heard in "Froggy's Midnight Cabaret," "Gigantic Human Frame," and "Born from Moisture."

Derk Richardson
San Francisco Bay Guardian