(119) Zan Stewart, Newark Star Ledger -- October 4, 2004

Polish émigré Oleszkiewicz is one of the most in-demand bassists in the Los Angeles jazz environment, but little known beyond. This solid, all-winner album could help change that. Five tracks pair Oles, his abbreviated working name, with pianist Brad Mehldau. They allow Oles' bold, ringing sound, crisp facility and deft improvisational ability to stand front and center, revealing him as the major league artist many know him to be. "November" has a fresh air, folk-jazz feeling and sways between bass and piano solos. "You Don't Know What Love Is," usually taken slowly, is played much faster, with Mehldau finding many choice phrases amidst Oles' thick, round tones. The title track is delicate, and tender; both the pianist and bassist offer welcome, evocative thoughts. On a warm ballad, "Precious Moments," Oles joins tenorman Chuck Manning, guitarist Larry Koonse, and drummer Mark Ferber, his partners in the L.A. Jazz Quartet. "Gift," with pianist Adam Benjamin, recalls early Keith Jarrett trio; Oles drops in one more sure-footed solo.

Zan Stewart
Newark Star Ledger
October 4, 2004