(109) Lee Prosser, Jazzreview.com -- October, 2001

POMEGRANATE is a contemporary jazz masterpiece, a set of four jazz concerti, composed by composer/bassist Steuart Liebig. What makes this an unusual standout CD and a remarkable recording is that it successfully blends contemporary jazz with classical. Soloists include Nels Cline on guitar, Mark Dresser on bass, Tom Varner on French Horn, Vinny Golia on saxophone, Ellen Burr on flue and piccolo, among many other fine musicians, who accompany Steuart Liebig on bass and contrabass guitars.
The four selections are "Widening Circles Reach Across the World" (14:58), The Motionless Blue of Fallen Skies" (21:48), Flare Up Like Flame and Create Dark Shadows" (17:48), and "The Darkness of Each Endless Fall" (17:23). These four concerti jazz works will surprise and delight jazz listeners.
For something special and out of the ordinary, POMEGRANATE will find its way into the hearts of jazz listeners everywhere that enjoy this blend of contemporary jazz and classical aspects. A winner!!! Flawless performances by each musician place this CD in top form!

Lee Prosser
October, 2001