(138) Jerry Duckett, The Express-Times -- 9/4/08

"Tiny Resistors" is the latest album release from bassist-composer Todd Sickafoose... The album features young jazz innovators, including Adam Levy and Mike Gamble, and guests, singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco and violinist Andrew Bird. Sickafoose, 34, is in his fourth year of touring with DiFranco and is featured on her new studio album, "Red Letter Year" (Righteous Babe), in particulare on the single, "Way Tight." Many of the musicians who perform on Sickafoose's album are part of his working New York band, Blood Orange. The band is unique in that it is comprised of two drummers, two guitarists, a battery of keyboard instruments and violin - all connected to a three - and sometimes four-piece horn section. Together, the musicians have created a jazz record with the muscle and scope of na indie-rock orchestra. While the mix coresses borders, the album manages to remain accessible and expressive, while experimenting with irregular meters, angular melody lines and cerebral ambiances..."-by Jerry Duckett

Jerry Duckett
The Express-Times