(109) Tad Hendrickson, College Music Journal -- August 6,2001

Bassist Steuart Liebig straddles the line between free improvisation and mid-sized group composition. He does this using a seven-piece band called Kammerstig, which provides solid but frenetic playing. Additionally, each of the four compositions on Pomegranate, which sit in the 15- to 22-minute range, is specifically composed for each of the four guest soloists. Liebig gets the best of both worlds, mixing established chemistry with unexpected surprises. It’s a far cry from his work with Les McCann, but it’s quite obvious that Liebig has a distinct affinity for the varied guest; the track for guitarist Nels Cline sounds markedly different from the track for Tom Varner. And Vinny Golia’s cut flat out rips with its fiery reed playing.

Tad Hendrickson
College Music Journal
August 6,2001