(138) ED, CMJ New Music Report -- June 2, 2008

This jazzboho's mutating melds of cool jazz with a smidge of avant sprawl, plus surprise turns from folks like Andrew Bird, make this a modern jazz/indie fusion that won't make you ralph over the very notion. A sideman to a number of modern masters like Scott Amendola and Jenny Schienman, as well as a backing bassist for Ani DiFranco, there are a number of alt-music strains floating through Tiny. Plucked guitar lines usually give way to muted horn melodies over syncopated drums, vibes, or sprinkly bells that keep the moody urban street-shuffling tone mostly out of the shadows. Songs sometimes drift into one another, but bits like the slippery girl vocals in "Bye Bye Bees" remind the listener that Sickafoose resides (un)squarely in Brooklyn. -by ED

CMJ New Music Report
June 2, 2008