Sonomondo  Mark Dresser - Frances-Marie Uitti

New York bassist Mark Dresser is on the cutting edge of extended instrumental technique, while 'cellist Frances-Marie Uitti's 2 bow technique (she plays with 2 bows in her right hand) has revolutionized the art of 'cello playing. Sonomondo is an album of exquisite 'cello bass duo improvisations. At times Dresser and Uitti sound like a string quartet, and at others like a small orchestra.


3La Finestra5:13


Sonomondo is an amazing record of sonorous string experimentation. Frances-Marie Uitti is exhibits her unique skill: a two bow cello attack. With her right hand, she simultaneously uses two bows on her instrument. Several artists employing this technique

Tom Schulte, Outsight,

Sonomondo is a duo recording of a seven-part suite by two of the most important contemporary string players in the world, both of whom have developed revolutionary extended techniques. Cellist Frances-Marie Uitti, known primarily in avant garde classical

Harvey Pekar, JazzTimes,

Two stringed instruments, three bows, no waiting, could be the motto for this disc. For the dusky, atmospheric sounds that arise from this session are partially created by Frances-Marie Uitti's unique technique. Using two bows, the New Music luminary is

Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly,