Pomegranate  Steuart Liebig

This set of four concerti is an epic masterwork by composer/bassist Steuart Liebig. It featues soloists Nels Cline on electric guitar, Mark Dresser on contrabass, Vinny Golia on sopranino saxophone and Tom Varner on french horn. These soloists are backed by a crack ensemble of Eric Barber - woodwinds, Ellen Burr - flute, Alex Cline - drums, John Fumo - trumpet, Jeff Gauthier - electric violin, Steuart Liebig - electric bass, and Scot Ray - trombone. Destined to become a creative music classic, Pomegranate bridges the gap between jazz, contemporary classical music and skronk-rock.



1widening circles reach across the world14:58
2the motionless blue of fallen skies21:48
3flare up like flame and create dark shadows17:48
4the darkness of each endless fall17:23


Even in its quieter moments, Steuart Liebig's new ensemble effort, Pomegranate, projects a sense of excitement. Sometimes it's the spark of discovery, other times it's the joy of companionship, and often (not to be underrated) it's the unexpected pleasure

Nils Jacobson, All About Jazz, August 2001

Bassist Steuart Liebig straddles the line between free improvisation and mid-sized group composition. He does this using a seven-piece band called Kammerstig, which provides solid but frenetic playing. Additionally, each of the four compositions on Pomegr

Tad Hendrickson, College Music Journal, August 6,2001

One of the real contributions of 21st century composers may be to create genuine fusion sounds that draw upon jazz, free improv, pop and contemporary classical music. With this impressive release, it seems that bass guitarist/composer Steuart Liebig is we

Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly, August, 2001

This is what you get when you pair one fine composer-bandleader-bassist with a rag-tag group of improvisational malcontents who know how to stir up a set of arrangements into a noxious brew of little big-band aesthetics and creative anarchy. Add to this m

Thom Jurek, All Music Guide, August 2001

POMEGRANATE is a contemporary jazz masterpiece, a set of four jazz concerti, composed by composer/bassist Steuart Liebig. What makes this an unusual standout CD and a remarkable recording is that it successfully blends contemporary jazz with classical. So

Lee Prosser, Jazzreview.com, October, 2001