The Other Shore  Alex Cline - Jeff Gauthier - G.E. Stinson

The New Times said of this improvisational ensemble, "Their pieces exist on a symphonic scale. The range of musical expression is staggering as violinist Gauthier and guitarist Stinson create Technicolor sunsets of electric string cadenzas while drummer Cline performs everything from metal machine cadences to ornate percussion figures to pastel cymbal shadings." Kirk Silsbee, New Times



2Thus Have I Heard6:35
3Left On10:20
4Froggy's Midnight Cabaret7:44
5Gigantic Human Frame3:00
6Oceans Once Deserts12:46
7Driving to Iceland12:43
8Born From Moisture4:59
9Nothing to Teach9:48


If there’s a way to conceive visual art as sound, drummer Alex Cline, violinist Jeff Gauthier and guitarist G.E. Stinson have done so with the trio’s second collaboration. The three are part of L.A.’s thriving new music community, a collective creating e

Doug Simpson, Campus Circle, 31/05/2000

It's a series of sonic trips that space music fans could love, with atmospheric washes and ethereal fades, occasionally punctuated by temple bells and gongs. But even in the drifting sensations of the longest pieces, such as the opening "Asunder" (11:46),

Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian, 07/06/2000

The Other Shore travels organically from fragile, Zen-like passages, where space becomes the dominant player, to dense sections of sheer sonic maelstrom. It's more about creating textures, setting moods and smashing convention along the way rather than es

Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes, 01/01/2001