Oceans of Vows  Alex Cline's Flower Garland Orchestra

Alex Cline - Oceans of Vows

Alex Cline’s Oceans of Vows is a deluxe box set of music drawing inspiration from four poems by Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as excerpts from the Buddhist text known as the Avatamsaka Sutra. It’s performed by composer/percussionist Alex Cline and his all-star 14-piece Flower Garland Orchestra, featuring Nels Cline, Yuka C. Honda, G.E. Stinson, Jeff Gauthier, Areni Agbabian, and many others.  Available now!

Areni Agbabian, voice
Chi Li, erhu, zhonghu, zheng, qin
Jeff Gauthier, electric violin
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, electric 5-string violin
Maggie Parkins, cello
Will Salmon, flute, recorders
Nels Cline, electric guitars
G.E. Stinson, electric guitars
Wayne Peet, electric piano, organ
Yuka C. Honda, electric keyboards, samples
Scott Walton, bass, keyboard
Brad Dutz, vibraphone, hand drums, crotales, gongs, percussion
Alex Cline, drums, gongs, percussion
Vicki Ray, conductor


Drums, percussions
electric violin
electric guitar
electric guitar
And Many Others


1The Tree of Enlightenment13:59
2A Flash of Lightning19:21
3The Voice of The Buddha6:30
4The Old Mendicant9:57
5We Will Be Back Again16:06
6The Flower Bank World9:28
7The Incalculable6:09
10The Ten Great Aspirations of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva22:46