The Image of Your Body  Myra Melford and Be Bread

Pianist Myra Melford is one of the most inspiring women musicians in jazz today. Her new CD The Image of Your Body features Cuong Vu, the trumpeter in The Pat Metheny Group, with guitarist Brandon Ross, bassist Stomu Takeishi, and drummer Elliot Humberto Kavee. A veteran of the New York Downtown scene, this CD is Myra Melford's debut release on Cryptogramophone. This ensemble collectively known as Be Bread, will be performing on both coasts in 2006-2007.

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Elliot Humberto Kavee
Pno, Harmonium
Brandon Ross
electric guitar, banjo
Stomu Takeishi
Cuong Vu


1Equal Grace8:29
2Luck Shifts9:18
3Fear Slips Behind5:09
4To The Roof11:37
5Yellow Are Crowds of Flowers, II5:55
6The Image of Your Body7:11
7Be Bread4:46
8If You've Not Been Fed3:27
9Your Face Arrives in the Redbud Trees9:27
10Made it Out0:46


In the early 90’s, this improvising pianist and composer moved to the Bay Area and started getting seriously into Indian music, studying the harmonium as a solo instrument. This album, “The Image of Your Body,” by her recently convened band, Be Bread, is

Ben Ratliff, New York Times, September 10, 2006

Myra Melford is a very accomplished musician. Her new album with her latest ensemble, "Be Bread," is a beautiful voyage.  The sound flows clearly and honestly; this is a wonderful work of sonic passion. The emotions are layered as

Drew Mulkins,, 09/12/06

It's been a couple of years since pianist Myra Melford released the broad-scoped, orchestral Where the Two Worlds Touch (Arabesque, 2004) by her group The Tent. Since then she's relocated to Berkeley from New York and, if anything, the duality of her prev

John Kelman, All About Jazz, 9/25/06

Myra Melford is a name we should all know. Before taking on this review, I was woefully ignorant of the avant garde jazz pianist/composer, despite the dozen albums she's released prior to the excellent The Image of Your Body, which is co-credited to h

Michael Keefe, Pop Matters, 10/20/06

This recent release depicts pianist Myra Melford's forward thinking musical persona. Teeming with stealthy undercurrents, ethereal treatments and resonating choruses, the pianist also fuses a polytonal world-beat vibe into jazzy intonations. A divergent a

Glenn Astarita, EJazz News, 10/24/06

Myra Melford is ever in search of new stimulation. She composed this music after studying the harmonium in India, which left a deep impression. Many of the album's best moments come from when she abandons the piano to squeeze out drones on the harmoni

Bill Meyer, Downbeat, December 2006