Draw Breath  Nels Cline Singers

Recently named a "Guitar God" by Rolling Stone Magazine, Nels Cline - lead guitarist of Wilco - has worked with everyone from Julius Hemphill and Charlie Haden, to Thurston Moore and Mike Watt. Nels follows his critically acclaimed CD New Monastery with Draw Breath, a new release by his long-standing trio The Nels Cline Singers. Glenn Kotche, drummer of Wilco is a special guest. Available Now!


Scott Amendola


1Caved-In Heart Blues6:50
4An Evening At Pops'15:59
5The Angel of Angels6:13
6Recognize I4:06
7Mixed Message14:50
8Recognize II3:39
9Squirrel of God8:18


There's more to the critically respected band Wilco's affable alt-country than one might suspect. Under the surface lie the talents of musicians who stretch out adventurously with their own projects. Among them is L.A.-based guitarist Nels Cline.Though th

Manny Theiner, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 5/31/07

Outside of the West Coast's in-the-know jazz scene, Nels Cline is best recognized for commanding the lead guitar chair in Wilco. There he weaves and embellishes; here, he dreams, drones, relentlessly rocks and deliciously resonates with quiet lyricism.&nb

Dan Ouelette, Billboard, June 30 2007

This third instrumental disc from the "singers"- guitarist Cline, double bassist Devon Hoff and drummer/electronics whiz Scott Amendola- is a mature statement that ably showcases Cline and Co.'s instrumental and improvisational prowess. These gu

Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player, September 1, 2007

As the lead guitarist for Wilco, Nels Cline has been turning heads in the rock world with shredding solos that mix twang and dissonance. But that's only part of the story. Cline is also an accomplished jazz composer and band leader. New Monastery, his tri

Jeff Jackson, Jazziz, September 2007

There are still no vocalists in the Nels Cline Singers, and the third disc from the guitarist's latest group project again proves the much-belabored point that you don't need a microphone to get your point across. Between Cline's richly expressive and exc

Jason Ferguson, Monterey County Weekly, August 1st 2007

On Draw Breath, the Nels Cline Singers remind listeners how adventurously askew their leader is outside of his day job. Free guitar virtuoso Nels Cline has never enjoyed a higher profile than that gained from his membership in Wilco. While that ban

Vish Khanna, www.Exclaim.ca, November 2007

Among the small but special heap of whack jazz guitarists, Nels sits at the top. That he can shift from the listenable to the loud without losing his identity puts him near the top of all guitarists, however. He's still most at home with improvised music

Victor Aaron, Dablog, December 2007

Guitarist Nels Cline is one of those unknowable cats. Just when you think you understand him, he's moved on to new collaborators. From a start in Los Angeles' improvised music community, Cline has hung with jazz seekers Julius Hemphill and Charlie Haden,

Karl Stark, www.philly.com, 12/30/07