the door, the hat, the chair, the fact  Ben Goldberg Quintet

Clarinetist Ben Goldberg is a member of Tin Hat (formerly Tin Hat Trio). His new CD The door, the hat, the chair, the fact is a loving tribute to the late, great saxophonist Steve Lacy, a longtime mentor of Goldberg's. This inspired work of art also features Tin Hat violinist Carla Kihlstedt.


Carla Kihlstedt
Ches Smith
Rob Sudduth


1Song and Dance4:24
4Dog's Life5:42
7Long Last Moment6:31
11I Before E Before I7:18
12Learned From Susan Stewart5:11


The Door, the Hat, the Chair, the Fact...reveals Goldberg's aesthetic to be wide-ranging but cohesive: Hard-swinging tracks such as "Song and Dance" complement chamberlike pieces like "F13." Other performances contain muted [Steve]

Hank Shteamer, Time Out New York, February 23, 2006

Ben Goldberg returns after a seven-year absence from recording with one for Steve Lacy. Goldberg wrote the music in 2004 when he came to know that the soprano saxophonist had cancer. The album was recorded three days after Lacy died. Lacy's "B

Jerry D'Souza, All About Jazz, March 8, 2006

Too bad that the clarinet was the instrument guys were embarrassed to be stuck with in band. None of those kids ever got to hear what musicians like Steve Lacy (Yes, I know, soprano sax. Close enough), Don Byron or Ben Goldberg could do with it. Go

Mark Saleski,, March 8, 2006

Conceived as a tribute to the late Steve Lacy, one of Goldberg's former teachers, The Door, the Hat, the Chair, the Fact not only invokes the master but also offers a window into Goldberg's own musical world. Now an official member of Tin Hat (formerl

Troy Collins, One Final Note, April 10, 2006

The line-up of clarinet, tenor saxophone, violin, bass, and drums might even suggest Klezmer, but after the opening European chamber music of "Petals" (not quite a hundred seconds long), the second track "Song and Dance" strikes me as

Robert R. Calder, Pop Matters, May 2, 2006

Steve Lacy may no longer be here, but he's "hear" these days, a musical spirit living on in many facets and forms. Clarinetist Ben Goldberg's quintet has recorded a loving tribute to Lacy in The Door, The Hat, The Chair, The Fact, a collecti

Thomas Greenland, All About Jazz, May 11, 2006

This is music that produces seemingly random associations as snippets of form and formlessness lead you to free, or perhaps not so freely, associate. Personal experiences dovetail with these compositions, which lead through nodes of memory and mood: f

Elliott Simon, All About Jazz, July 26, 2006

He's been active for fifteen years, but unless you know the New Klezmer Trio or have followed the Bay Area scene, chances are you haven't heard of clarinetist Ben Goldberg. Despite appearing on records by Charlie Hunter, Tin Hat Trio and John Zorn, in

John Kelman, All About Jazz, February 15, 2006

No one can accuse Ben Goldberg of hiding in the shadows. It's true that the Berkeley-based clarinetist, a creative force in jazz and improvised music for more than two decades, has often flown under the mainstream radar, ridiculously undetec

Andrew Gilbert, ContraCosta Times, 11/16/06

Clarinetist Ben Goldberg is a Bay Area provocateur. His pioneering work with the New Klezmer Trio in the late '80s amplified "Radical Jewish Culture" long before New York City iconoclast John Zorn appropriated the concept. A few years later, at

Sam Prestianni, San Francisco Weekly, 11/15/06