Continuation  Alex Cline Continuation Quintet

Percussionist Alex Cline steps into the limelight with Continuation, a beautiful recording featuring Myra Melford on piano, Jeff Gauthier on violin, Peggy Lee on cello, Scott Walton on bass, and Alex Cline on drums and percussion. Alex's music defies all genres with swinging strings, infectious grooves, and extended moments of transcendental beauty. This is a stunning collection of music from the drummer/percussionist/composer who has worked with Arthur Blythe, Tim Berne, Henry Grimes, Vinny Golia, Bobby Bradford, Julius Hemphill, and many others. This CD is available NOW!


Peggy Lee
Pno, Harmonium
Scott Walton


1Nourishing Our Roots10:04
2Clearing Our Streams7:34
3Fade To Green4:54
6On the Bones of the Homegoing Thunder18:36
7Open Hands (Receive, Release)5:59


***** Anchored by two 18-minute pieces and filled with atmospheric resonance and meditative movements, Continuation is not a listening experience that can be rushed, but what a satisfying and varied journey Alex Cline and his four collaborators take y

-James Hale, Downbeat, 2/1/09

"...Alex Cline’s Continuation is a quintet outing that embraces different cultural vestiges and philosophies to help create a collective group expression. Cline’s seven original compositions defy any specific genre or style. Instead, they offer an in

Audiophile Audition, 2/5/2009