Bone Structure  Bendian, Gauthier, Liebig, Stinson

Bone Structure combines detonated percussive devices, hack-sawed string-stretching, x-tech guitar torque, and basso-technoid tool-usage. The mutant children of Miles Davis' electro-funk tribe meets George Crumb's hobo-zombie 12-tone country blues. Ambient old-age sewage treatment sludge slides down the gaping maw of the godhead groove. Signal drifting orchestra texture over ultra-maniacal drum and bass. With influences as diverse as Muddy Waters, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and Karlheinz Stockhausen, Bone Structure brings creative improvisation into a new era.


1Muscle Tone5:10
2Plasma Wave8:22
3Floating Bunraku8:29
5Ether Or8:01
6Steel Hair6:41
7Spirit Box6:48
8Toothpick Fantasy2:50
10Lock It Down8:31
11Faded Sun3:13


One of my favorite jazz-rock bands of all time is the 1972-1974 configuration of King Crimson, featuring Robert Fripp on guitar, John Wetton on fuzz bass, Bill Bruford on drums, and David Cross on violin. This band was a force to be reckoned with: blister

Fred Barrett, Beyond Coltrane, 2/1/03

Bone Structure is something different: post-jazz fusion-progressive rock-electronica-jam band music that features a wily sinister vibe. Some of the infectious grooves are reminiscent of those laid down by Ginger Baker and Jonas Hellborg on Baker’s very fi

Walter Kolosky, All About Jazz, 2/18/03

As the late great Ralph Kramden would say, “some people got it, some people don’t.” In this case, the “it” refers to the ability to craft engaging group (free) improvisation – some folks invariably spew a navel-gazing skronk-doodle fest, others keep in mi

Mark Karesman, Jazz Review, 7/15/03

Bone Structure reinvents jazz-rock fusion. Four L.A. -based veteran improvisers use the grooves and instrumentation of vintage fusion to stimulate "real-time" group inventions. With Jeff Gauthier's violin and G.E. Stinson's guitar out front, the lineup re

Jon Andrews, ****Downbeat, 8/1/03