The Antisocial Club  Alan Pasqua

"The Antisocial Club" is the new CD by Alan Pasqua, keyboardist/pianist with the groundbreaking Tony Williams Lifetime, as well as Alan Holdsworth, Joe Henderson, Stanley Clarke, Peter Erskine, James Moody, Sam Rivers, Sheila Jordan, Joe Williams, and many others. One can hear echoes Bitches Brew and Live at the Cellar Door, in the intense group communication of this stellar band, which features Nels Cline, Alex Acuna, Scott Amendola, Jimmy Haslip, and newcomers Ambrose Akinmusire and Jeff Ellwood.  Also check out My New Old Friend by Alan Pasqua on Cryptogramophone. Available now!


Alex Acuna
Ambrose Akinmusire
Scott Amendola
Jeff Elwood
Jimmy Haslip


1The Antisocial Club9:48
2George Russell10:28
4New Rhodes7:57
5Fast Food8:22
6Wicked Good9:08
7Message to Beloved Souls Departed4:48


What if Miles Davis had decided to stick with the music of the Bitches Brew/Cellar Door period, circa 1969-1970, and develop within that genre rather than continuing to move in other directions? Perhaps his music would have sounded like Alan Pasqua's Th

Scott Yanow, All Music Guide, October 2007

Alan Pasqua first emerged as keyboardist for legendary drummer Tony Williams’ mid-1970s New Lifetime and has been a busy session player ever since, with a solo career focused largely on acoustic music, including the elegant My New Old Friend (Cryptogramop

John Kelman, All About Jazz, November 2007

Keyboardist Alan Pasqua has studied with pianists Jaki Byard and George Russell, and toured with artists as diverse as Stan Kenton to Tony Williams. Studio sessions with Eddie Money, Bob Dylan, Carlos Santana, Rick Springfield, Pat Benetar, Sammy Ha

Troy Collins, All About Jazz, October 2007

Keyboardist Alan Pasqua is the headliner on "The Anti Social Club," however, that doesn't mean he has to be the star. But -- wait a minute -- let's just give him credit for putting together a jazz band that is shaped by rock elements, yet ne

Bob Karlovits, Pittsburg Tribune, November 2007

Alan Pasqua,  “The Anti-Social Club” (Cryptogramophone). If this sounds like some of the best jazz/rock fusion since its embattled heyday, that’s because keyboardist Alan Pasqua is as hip and pedigreed a producer of it as you’ll find. Back in the day

Jeff Simon, Buffalo News, November 2007

Keyboardist Alan Pasqua is one of those jazz cats who grew successful in pop music. Pasqua toured for years with Bob Dylan and Carlos Santana. Before that, in the mid-1970's he was recruited to be in Tony Williams' Lifetime, led by the former Miles Davis

Karl Stark, The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 2007

Alan Pasqua's previous recording (Standards, on Fuzzy Music) was a very subtle (and very fine) acoustic piano trio album. The Antisocial Club is not acoustic and not subtle. Whether you think it is fine depends on how you feel about a particular aesthetic

Thomas Conrad, Jazz Times, January/February 2008

With its expressive instrumental palette, double-clutching rock beats, painterly ensemble textures and mercurial rhythms, electric jazz of the '70s has become a seductive nostalgia the past few years, especially among young musicians who didn't live th

Paul de Barros, Downbeat, January 2008

Today, Pasqua's career revolves more closely around the jazz world, as he continues to release acoustic sessions with his former college roommate, drummer Peter Erskine. But he's somehow remained relatively underrated as a composer and performer of electr

Phil DiPietro, All About Jazz, February 2008