Active Vapor Recovery  Scot Ray Quintet

Active Vapor Recovery combines extreme jazz, avant funk, liquid Americana and scronk blues. Think - James Brown meets Sun Ra on a front porch somewhere in rural Montana. The Scot Ray Quintet features Scot's amazing multiphonic trombone, Nels Cline on electric guitar, Alex Cline on drums, Steuart Liebig on contrabassguitars, and Jeff Gauthier on electric violin.


Scot Ray


1Three Quarks5:49
2Above Breath5:41
3Shiny Object3:44
4In Cleveland5:00
5Man as Kite10:24
7Trouble with Sugar13:53
8Active Vapor Recovery6:00


Trombonist Scot Ray rounds up the usual suspects of West Coast postmodern jazz for this session classified in the ‘unable to classify’ category. The former sideman in Brian Setzer’s swing orchestra pens a few ideas of hs own on Active Vapor Recovery. H

Mark Corroto, All About Jazz L.A., 6/1/03

In your face. That's how the Scot Ray Quintete's Active Vapor Recovery starts out on "Three Quarks." It has to do with attitude and Ray's axe: the trombone, an inherently in-your-face instrument. Ditto for the electric violin (Jeff Gauthier) and the elect

Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz NY, 6/1/03

Another shining jewel in Cryptogramophone's crown, this recording features trombonist Scot Ray leading a quartet of label regulars, including the peerless Cline brothers (Nels and Alex) on guitars and percussion respectively, Jeff Gauthier on violin and S

Bill Tilland, BBCi, 7/15/03